Tools and workflows for microservices development

The easiest way to work with multiple repositories



API for public and private files, we use the repoflow and linker tool to help us test locally with almost the same environment as in production.


Reusable templates for your landing pages, invite your customers and freelances to collaborate on your projects. The repoflow tool help us to easily back port changes from other components and libraries, the tools help us to prevent a lot issues working with multiple repositories and versions.


Create a website from an Airtable, Google spreadsheet or CSV file. Don't worry about the Airtable or Google spreadsheets rate limits and deliver your catalogs from a CDN


For all our tools we offer dedicated support, development of plugins or customs features, let's talk about the specific needs for your project

Tools & Demos

SQL Query + Table template editor

This is a SQL executor and template editor to let you query a data source and render the template result in html.
You can create joins between an airtable, csv or a google spreadsheet and render it into a static site.

Linker tool

Forward any service, ingress or node port to your local environment, focused on development teams
Replace any cluster service with your local services or the services from any team member or linked cluster.

React form + JSON schema

This is a react component to create forms from a JSON schema.

A dashboard and API to share services

The tunnel-tool will help you to have easy and secure access to your team services. Completely self hosted and free

HTML/EJS editor

This is a html editor made with React to help web developers to share their templates to content editors to easily fill their web pages with the right content.